Just Keep Going—with Faith By Elder Carl B. Cook

Just Keep Going—with Faith By Elder Carl B. Cook

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Outline of Message

Invitations and Questions to Ponder

 What have you learned through your trials? How can you use that knowledge to encourage others?

Challenge: Pick one of your scripture heroes and identify at least one quality they had that gave them spiritual resilience. Make a plan to practice and adopt that quality and follow your plan for at least a week. Make a journal entry to record your results.

Elder Cook devoted a large portion of his talk to describing an experience he had with Elder Packer at a stake conference. How does this example apply to me? How can I apply this example at home, work, school, church, and the temple?

Notable Quotes

 “Today I would like to renew Joseph’s plea not to let discouragement overwhelm us when we face disappointment, painful experiences, our own inadequacies, or other challenges.”

“I was empty. I had nothing. I knew it was time to exercise more faith.”

“Just as the Savior finished the work He was given to do, He has the power to help us finish the work we have been given.”

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