Never Give Up an Opportunity to Testify of Christ, By President Bonnie H. Cordon

Never Give Up an Opportunity to Testify of Christ, By President Bonnie H. Cordon

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Invitations and Questions to Ponder

 “I invite you to join me in accepting his invitation. Look for Christ everywhere―I promise He is there!”

What specific things did Livvy do to benefit from General Conference and receive strength in her life? What steps do I need to take to draw closer to the Lord and receive more of His strength?

What can I learn from Maddy’s example and choices? Are there areas in my life where I need to focus on leading by example and invitation? If so, will I make and keep an appointment with the Lord to prayerfully seek His guidance?


Notable Quotes

“... Don’t let the world overtake you! Stay true to your covenants with the Savior. Seek to experience His blessings every day, and be able to testify through the Holy Ghost of His power and presence in your life!”

“Livvy did not skip like a stone over the surface of conference weekend; she dove in, mind and spirit, and found the Savior there.”

“Our world, our challenges, our circumstances will not get quieter, but we can and must hunger and thirst after the things of Christ to “hear Him” with clarity. We want to create muscle memory of discipleship and testimony that will bring into focus our reliance on our Savior each day.”


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