The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told, By Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told, By Elder Gary E. Stevenson

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Invitations and Questions to Ponder

In the Message

“I invite you to look at the Book of Mormon in a new light and consider the profound witness it bears of the reality of the risen Christ as well as the richness and depth of the doctrine of Christ.”

“How can reading Book of Mormon scriptures at Easter bless our lives and those of our loved ones in a meaningful way?”

Other Questions

At the end of his talk, Elder Stevenson lists a few ways that mortal life can improve “Because of Him.” 

Challenge 1: Make a list of the ways that Jesus Christ has improved your life. Add to this list for a week. Consider creating a printable wall hanging, screensaver, or desktop background from this list.
Challenge 2: Get a new copy of the Book of Mormon. Mark every witness  that you find of how Christ makes things better.


Notable Quotes

“I observe a growing effort among Latter-day Saints toward a more Christ-centered Easter. This includes a greater and more thoughtful recognition of Palm Sunday and Good Friday as practiced by some of our Christian cousins. We might also adopt appropriate Christ-centered Easter traditions found in the cultures and practices of countries worldwide.”
“No three words embody more hope and eternal consequence for all of humankind than those uttered by a heavenly angel on Easter morning at the Garden Tomb: ‘He is risen.’”
“Imagine: the Nephites at the temple actually touched the hands of the risen Lord!”
“No book does more [than the Book of Mormon] to show that:
Because of Jesus Christ, everything changed.
Because of Him, everything is better.
Because of Him, life is manageable—especially the painful moments.
Because of Him, everything is possible.”


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