Order Concerns

Can I make changes to an existing order?

For sure! If you hit a bump while cruising through the process, just shoot me an email or give a shout through the contact form. I'm here to smooth things out and make sure your order dances its way to perfection.

How can I make sure a product is the correct size?

I've got your back with sizing charts in both imperial and metric measurements. Since you won't be doing any trial runs before hitting that buy button, it's all about comparing your body's measurements with these trusty charts. Let's keep those "fits like a glove" moments coming!

I ordered a workbook, but didn't get a download link.

Oops, my sincerest apologies for that! While I'm busting my digital chops to ensure smooth sailing at ElizabethBurr.com, glitches can sneak in – it's the cyberworld after all. Just drop me a line through email or the website's contact form, and I'll swoop in to sort things out pronto.

How many times can I download my digital order?

Get ready for some downloading fun! Feel free to hit that download button as many times as your heart desires. I'm putting my trust in your inner virtuous spirit – let's steer clear of any file sharing antics, shall we? I've invested my heart, time, and energy into this service, and I'm totally on board with you spreading the love. Whether it's your pals, your fam, or even your not-so-friendly acquaintances, point them to my website to grab their very own copies!