Returns and Refunds

What is your return policy?

I've got your back, especially when it comes to misprinted or damaged goods. If your merchandise took a detour and ended up a bit wonky before or during shipping, you get a full refund. For all other returns, there's a 20% restocking fee.

Ready to kick off a return dance? Just give me a shout via email or the contact form, and I'll be your guide through the whole process.

Are refunds available if I change my mind?

Sure thing, I'm all about flexibility! But if you're having a change of heart and want to send items back for reasons beyond printing glitches or shipping bumps, there's a 20% restocking fee. Just a little heads-up, make sure you give those size guides a peek and match 'em up with your measurements before you hit the order button.

Why do you charge a restocking fee?

The lowdown on restocking fees? They're kind of like covering the dance floor – or in this case, the cost of shipping the item back. It helps us keep the show rolling smoothly.